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Customize your related posts in Blogger and Wordpress with nRelate

There are several widgets bloggers can use to show related posts with a thumbnail including the widgets on and LinkWithin.

Problems with Linkwithin

When I changed the name of my blog, there were two thumbnails with different urls. Please look this screen grab from my blog .
The articles are not related to the content, but they are still shown. On my article "Marlon Brando, l'Homme et le Mythe du cinéma" (Marlon Brando, the Man, and the Icon of Cinema), they were underneath several articles related to Michael Jackson.
I have found a very good widget that is customizable and fits the model to the template of your blog that is called nRelate. It can be used on Blogger and WordPress and Tumblr.

For more information on the plugin for Wordpress, please read : nRelate Related Content

Integrate nRelate on Blogger

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Register an account and do not forget to validate the link that you will received by email.

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