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Go Ahead !

Go ahead from Shehrazad on Vimeo.

Go ahead !

When I was a child,
My father told me this story

Long time ago
When that great general
Was about to conquer the land of Spain
He burnt his ships
And then he said to his soldiers:
Behind you is the sea,
Before you is the enemy
Go ahead!

I want to learn everything
As if I am going to die tomorrow
My days and my nights are too short
Nobody will contradict me
Succeeding must be obvious
But what is success?

But nowadays
I am like this general
I go ahead
Because life has obviously taught me:
The word “desperation” must be removed from the dictionary!

But where are they now ?

But where are they now ? from Shehrazad on Vimeo.

But where are they now ?
I want to scream....
Where are my childhood heroes?
Where are they hiding?

Where are the Fairies and their magic wand?
the Magicians and their potion?
The Genies and their lamp!

I want a magic book of spells
I want some magic words
I want a miracle
I want everyone to be happy

I don't understand anything anymore!

This evening,
I want everyone to be happy

This evening
I would like to thank them
one thousand and one times
To live only
In fairy tales...