This moment of silence

This moment of silence from Shehrazad on Vimeo.

Text, pictures, video : Shehrazad
Place of pictures : Strasbourg (France)
Music: Symphony No. 4 in A Major 'Italian', Op. 90 - III. Con moto moderato
Composer : Felix Mendelssohn

This moment of silence

Now I do know you during these beautiful days
The songs of poets are no longer pipe dreams
The life is no more black and white

I can forget the darkness of this world
Our tomorrows become an empire of serenity and real promises
The earth is shaking
My heart is melting
This is a whisper of light
No need to think just to dream

Shall I know you again during those deep dark days When everything is taken away from me?
When I am rich in a body full of tears ?
When my only sight is a cry for help ?

Why now is there this moment of silence?


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