A beautiful day

A beautiful day from Shehrazad on Vimeo.

A beautiful day,

A new day is about to come.
My black cat woke me up early this morning.
It may rain today.
My cat is lying by the window watching the people walking in the street...

I don't have a car.
Actually I prefer to ride my old bicycle to enjoy better life in the city

A friend calls me.
He is very sad.

I tell him:
« Please do not worry.
Never give up!
Do believe in your tomorrows
Tomorrow will be a better day."

I ask him to come with me.
But he prefers to stay by himself.
He will meet me tonight.

Then I seat by the river and I read a book.
And the wind helps me to turn the pages….

Now it's raining heavily.
But in fact I like this rain in the summertime.
I come completely wet at home.

This night, I am waiting for my friend in front of a flower shop.
Fortunately he is late, so I can admire the orchids.

Then he comes. He asks me why I am taking pictures.
So I answer him:
«I am just a human being who likes beauty".

A sentence begins with a capital letter and finishes with a full stop.
We forget sometimes this breath, this restful time, the time to think of each word...
We forget sometimes the comma.

Happiness is in each single moment of the day, that we want to be.


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